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Yueyi is a seating collection that comprises a rocking chair and an armchair.

Inspired by the Chinese seal script, Yueyi takes the script's classical elegance and steady tranquility as the inspiration behind the furniture collection. Clean and tensile lines that

form the basis of a stable structure, gives users a high level of comfort. 

Yueyi collection received a Red Dot award / Concept Design 2019  for its

high design quality, expressing innovation in form and function in an exemplary manner.


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ρψ .png

®Japanese Sealscript and its aesthetic acted as a source of inspiration for Yueyi Collection

® Red Dot Awarded Yueyi Rocking Chair made by Oak and designed by Eugenia Antoniou

® Yueyi Rocking Chair designed by Eugenia Antoniou, Photo by Philip Margalias

5.Yueyi armchair by solid oak.jpg

® Red Dot Awarded Yueyi Armchair made by Oak and designed by Eugenia Antoniou


® Yueyi Rocking Chair, Photo by  Spyros Gangas

The rocking chair and armchair are made by high quality oak wood and they are

available in a range of colors.


® The Color Range of Yueyi Collection, designed by Eugenia Antoniou

Elements from the Yueyi rocking Chair.jpg

®Elements that constitute Yueyi Rocking Chair, designed by Eugenia Antoniou

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