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Eclipse of Rainbow is a luminaire with LED lighting technology, emphasizing on the elements of light and shadow


Received a RED DOT 2015: Honourable Mention

Source of inspiration was Nature, specifically the eclipse phenomenon and the analysis of

light in the seven colors that the rainbow consists of, was the main idea that spun the final

design approach, resulting in a unique object employing the qualities of light to encompass

elements of playfulness and aesthetic pleasure.

The concept was practically conveyed by inserting a disc between the light source and the

level of projection as it also happens with the eclipse phenomenon when a celestial body

is interposed between another and the observer. The object is based on the principle of

contrast – Light & Shadow, Black & White. A colorful and elaborate shading by a subtractive,

black and white design approach which finally results to an unexpected outcome.

Regarding the functional part and the way the light is rendered by the light sources, seven

LED bulbs under a particular angle and a compact disc were placed so as two optical

effects would be extracted: a colorful pattern on the floor and a white light composition

on the compact disc level.


The “Eclipse of Rainbow” received an honourable mention in the Red Dot award 2015:

Design Concept and awarded the first prize at Ideas Design Competition indoor/ outdoor

Led Luminaire 2014.

® Red Dot Awarded Yueyi Rocking Chair made by Oak and designed by Eugenia Antoniou


®Elements of  Eclipse of Rainbow floorlamp, designed by Eugenia Antoniou,

4 Enviroment.jpg

® Eclipse of Rainbow luminaire, received honourable mention from RED DOT awards 2015, designed by Eugenia Antoniou.

® Red Dot Awarded Yueyi Armchair made by Oak and designed by Eugenia Antoniou

New EoR .png

Enriched version

Enriched version with the possibility of multiple lighting selection. The user gains

access to a combination of eclipses, the Aurora Borealis cluster, a sunset or a total

lunar eclipse, while at the same time modifying their mood depending on which

beam of light they place their attention on.

Enriched version of Eclipse of Rainbow is under construction. Subscribe to our

newsletter for further updates

®Enriched edition of Eclipse of Rainbow lighting . Minimal design.

eclipse white_edited.png
ECLIPSE aureisPNG.png
ECLIPSE auroraPNG.png

®Enriched edition of Eclipse of Rainbow lighting Multiple lighting scenarios

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