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Voronoi is a pot by marble, which is decorated by the natural pattern of voronoi diagram

Source of inspiration was natural patterns, specifically the diagram of voronoi. On the strictly defined geometric form of marble, is added a decorative detail, a perforated pattern in the geometry of voronoi cells, which occurs in the structure of foam and bubbles.


A contrast of materials, forms and roles. In conclusion, the combination of nature and geometry, simple and ornate lines, decoration and usability asked to visualize a small product, for free use.

Voronoi pot is available in various marbles and colors.


®Voronoi pot by white marble, designed by Eugenia Antoniou

voron katospi.jpg

®Voronoi pot by white marble, designed by Eugenia Antoniou

® Yueyi Rocking Chair designed by Eugenia Antoniou, Photo by Philip Margalias

marbleblack .jpg

®Voronoi pot by black marble, designed by Eugenia Antoniou

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