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Greek Alphabet Manufactured Multicolored Anagram


Awarded by the competition “Design Cultural Products” of Greek Archeological Receipts Fund

“Ancient Greek lines” extending from the West Semitic alphabet to Greek, with dialects,

from which elements and symbols reconstituted in intimate and familiar shapes and signals.


“Gramma” is a graphic concept which derives from the ancient Greek font and culture. Heta,

iota, rho, phi, chi, and many other vowels and consonants are scaled, rotated and finally

scrambled for the raising of a rooster or a Trojan Horse. These motives decorate objects

as tote bags, stationary but also each product which can be sold in Museums’ shops.


The Gramma is among the winners of the competition: “Design Cultural Products” which

was organized by the Greek Archeological Receipts Fund. The winning proposals

constructed and allocated in the Greek museums’ shops.


® Gramma Graphics applied on Cartoon Cups, designed by Eugenia Antoniou

Gramma 3a.tif

® Gramma Graphics applied on Tote Bags, designed by Eugenia Antoniou

® Red Dot Awarded Yueyi Armchair made by Oak and designed by Eugenia Antoniou

1 office.tif

®Gramma Graphics applied on Stationery Items, designed by Eugenia Antoniou

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